What is Amla Fruit? My Top Amla Picks.


What is Amla Fruit? Amla, sometimes called Indian Gooseberry, is a fruit found growing in the subcontinent of India. It has been used in traditional Indian medicine (Ayurveda) for millennia. It is a very popular digestive aid in India. There is an expansive list of benefits that you can find out about one of my earlier posts. To read more about amla berry click here. If you are already familiar with amla and want to find out where you can purchase this wonderful superfood, continue reading the review.



This special brand of amla has been introduced to diabetics to help control blood sugar levels. It consists of amla and green tea. Amla can benefit anyone’s health; it is also a powerful antioxidant. I have included some background info about how Amla Green was developed.

Amla Green is the brainchild of Cyrus Khambatta, Ph.D. Nutritional Biochemistry. After being diagnosed with type I diabetes at the tender age of 22, he began a lifelong pursuit seeking answers regarding his health when traditional dietary methods were not helping stop the deterioration of his health. He changed majors and enrolled in the doctorate program at UC Berkley.

He started studying the effects of insulin resistance in which he began searching for the perfect food for diabetics. Several years ago he came across some research on amla fruit. He learned that amla has played a major part in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. Amla is mentioned more than any other fruit in this ancient Indian natural medicine practice (5,000 years old). Amla has demonstrated incredibly effective abilities in reducing inflammation and helping reverse chronic disease.

Cyrus discovered that consuming small amounts of amla every day was more effective than statin medication that is used for heart disease… without those nasty side-effects. It also helps lower blood sugar and is the best food for lowering cholesterol. Amla also contains way more antioxidants than any other fruit on the planet.

Cyrus had one huge problem. Amla tastes awful. It is extremely bitter. He pondered, if amla is the most powerful cholesterol food in the world, then he needs to make it taste good so people will drink it. He began experimenting with formulations and consulting with many tea experts.

After many months, he created the world’s first Indian green tea which combines a super potent amla concentrate with 20x the power combined with oolong green tea.

Amla is also quite pricey to export to the United States, and the quality can often be suspect. Amla is often contaminated because of poor farming methods and a high variability from crop to crop. Amla Green only chooses the best organic amla money can buy and is processed with stringent manufacturing methods in the United States.

Amla Green™ is among the highest quality of amla products in the marketplace, and customers have been raving over the results. If you are interested in improving your health with one of the world’s most incredible antioxidants, try some today.




About this Item

100% Organic Amla This powerful amla berry and green tea powder contain no harmful chemicals, additives, or fillers of any kind. Their organic amla berries are harvested then fully tested to ensure purity and potency The end result… a nutritious tea that is vegan, paleo, and keto-friendly.

Superfood Blend They state having the most potent amla green tea in the market which is 20x concentrated and full of health-giving benefits. Amla is known to boost your immune system, balance blood sugar levels, hold back the effects of aging, and aid in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. One of the world’s top SUPERFOODS!

Made in the USA The United States has some of the most stringent manufacturing standards worldwide. Amla Green stands behind their quality and ensures that you will be drinking a high-quality product at all times.







Price $49.95

Quantity 90 grams

Rating 4.3 out of 5

Number of servings 90 (90 day supply)

Serving size 1 scoop (1/4 tsp)


How many milligrams of amla and green tea are in Amla Green?

There is 250 mg of concentrated amla powder which is equivalent to 5000 mg of unconcentrated amla. There is also 750 mg of dark green oolong tea in Amla Green.

What is different about oolong green tea?

Oolong tea is made from the same plant that gives us both green and black tea. When you oxidize green tea a little, you create oolong tea. If you oxidize the leaves longer, you create black tea. So oolong is somewhere between green and black tea. The oxidation process brings out certain properties in the tea. It creates a taste that goes well to counteract the bitterness of the amla. It also supports healthy blood sugars as well, which makes it a perfect partnership with amla.

How much caffeine is in amla green?

It has the caffeine equivalent of 1/4 cup of coffee.

Are the green tea leaves ground like matcha tea?

The tea is grounded down to a fine powder and will dissolve quickly dissolve in water.

How much does the scoop, included with Amla Green, hold in case it is lost?

It holds 1/4 of a teaspoon.


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FGO Organic Amla Powder



FGO pledges to bring the finest quality, certified organic products at satisfactory prices, and to help people live healthier lives and to feel good. They travel all over the world seeking nutrient-dense products for your enjoyment. They’re located in Seattle, Washington (USA).




Price $14.99

Quantity 1 pound

Rating 4.6 out of 5

Number of servings 90

Serving size 1 tsp



About this Item

  • 100 percent organic amla powder. It comes in its own resealable bag.
  • This product is imported directly from India. Amla is indigenous to India.
  • They claim their amla powder is healthy and delicious. Amla (in my experience) tastes extremely bitter and needs some added love (honey). Amla is an ultra-rich source of vitamin C and chocked full of antioxidants. It works in synergy with your body and is an excellent rejuvenation aid.
  • Certified USDA organic by California certified organic farmers (CCOF).
  • If you find you do not love FGOs organic amla powder, they will refund you in full with NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Just drop them a quick email if not completely satisfied.
  • Available in numerous sizes for your convenience: 32 oz, 16 oz, 8 oz, and 4 oz. All come with a resealable bag.
  • No additives and non-GMO.
  • Shelf life is 1 year if kept in a dry space.


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Terrasoul Superfoods Organic Amla Powder



Terrasoul superfoods was founded in Texas by a married couple, Dennis and Amy Botts, in 2013. It began as a family mission to inspire and bring health to others. The Botts are passionate about healthy eating and always seek the highest quality and nutrient-dense foods to feed their family.

They instill the message in their own home that living and eating well are one and the same. They set an example through home cooking and organic gardening.

Obsessed with Quality. Their employees use and love every ingredient. The integrity of their products is paramount at Terrasoul Superfoods. They go beyond the industry’s standard manufacture certificate of analysis. Each imported ingredient is independently tested in its own laboratory for biological contamination, organic purity, and heavy metals. They’re SQF Level 2 Certified with an excellent rating. They also have organic, Kosher, and non-GMO Project verified certifications.

Terrasoul Superfoods is operated on a fair trade model, and always find ways to offer opportunities to everyone in their supply chain. They deal directly with farming coops and their manufacturing partners. They offer efficient distribution throughout the U.S. and are able to help reward their farmers and indigenous communities. They’re able to receive higher prices for the demand of these superfoods which will financially benefit the agricultural communities involved that help bring these superfoods to your home.

Placing People above Profits Terrasoul Superfoods is a business model founded on quality, value, and passion. Their mission is based on improving people’s health by offering nutrient-dense foods at affordable prices and making them more accessible. They also wish to make our global and local communities stronger by conducting business with authority.

Terrasoul Superfoods feel that what makes them different makes them better. They passionately believe to put their money where their mouth is. They strongly believe they are different from other food marketing companies by offering superfoods at a more reasonable price and using the highest quality ingredients in the most transparent way possible.

They’re able to obtain their goal by investing their financial resources in cold storage technology, meticulous lab testing, and quality control. They steer clear of expensive celebrity endorsements, lavish trade show booths, and over-the-top marketing campaigns. Having a different set of priorities allows them to offer you better quality for a better value.

Price $14.85

Quantity 16 oz

Rating 4.5 out of 5

Number of servings 454

Serving size 1/3 tsp



About this Item

  • Terresoul Superfoods Amla Powder is certified organic and contains non GMOs. It is also Kosher, gluten-free, raw, and vegan.
  • Amla has an obnoxious level of vitamin C and harbors other potent antioxidants to boost up your immune system. We all need to do that… RIGHT! Amla helps boost your energy levels and your vitality. It is excellent for digestive health and has been a big part of Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years in India.
  • Terrasoul Superfoods search the world over for the best quality food available for all of their superfoods. Their mission: to make these amazing and healthy foods available to you at the lowest price possible while taking care of their employees and their growers by paying a fair wage. Terrasoul Superfoods handle all aspects of the supply chain to pass the savings on to you.
  • 100 percent money-back guarantee within 30 days. They report having an outstanding customer service team.
  • Organic Amla Powder has a tart and sour flavor. Mix it with a smoothie or a honey-flavored tea if you want to overcome the tartness.
  • Amla helps manage your blood sugar and control cholesterol. Keep an eye on your blood sugar if you are diabetic to make sure your sugars don’t drop too low. This could be a good thing and may help you reduce your medications. What is better for you? Big pharma or fruit.
  • Every batch is lab tested for potency and purity. This helps ensure it is chemical-free.

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Micro Ingredients Organic Amla Powder



Micro Ingredients is a whole food seller and retailer located in Montclair, California. They sell products through their own online store, at Amazon, and Walmart.com. They’re committed to providing the best products at prices you can afford. They search the world over to find the highest quality products to deliver to your door.

Using state-of-the-art equipment, raw materials are converted into the purest form of powder while maintaining its potency and flavor. All ingredients are USDA certified organic and non-GMO. No additives or fillers are in any of their products. Your health is their priority.


Price $18.95

Quantity 16oz

Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars

Number of servings 113.5

Serving size 4 grams/1 scoop




About this Item

  • pure organic amla powder. There are no GMOs and it is vegan friendly. There are also no additives or preservatives. This product does not undergo irradiation or contain any artificial colors and is gluten-free. It undergoes stringent quality control.
  • Rich in vitamin C and antioxidants
  • A premeasured scoop is included for your convenience so that you can get the recommended dose every time.
  • Take it daily for optimum health. It is best to use with or between meals.
  • All ingredients come with a USA lab test report upon arrival at the manufacturing facility.
  • 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee with no questions asked.




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Jiva Botanicals Amla Powder Capsules


At Jiva Botanicals, your health is their number one priority. They dig deep into the ancient wisdom borrowed from Ayurvedic medicine which is the oldest continual medicinal practice in the world. Their ayurvedic products have been used for thousands of years in India and are now backed with modern research. Jiva Botanicals want to make sure you get products that are safe to use, but also effective and beneficial for your overall health.



Price $17.89

Quantity 60 capsules

Rating 4.5 out of 5

Number of servings 60

Serving size 1 capsule



About this Item

  • Premium Amla capsules with an advanced blend of the highest quality organic amla powder. It also includes a powerful amla extract. It is an absolutely safe yet clinically effective dose for your overall health and well-being.
  • High in vitamin C (20x more vitamin C than an orange!). It is low in sugar and contains a healthy quantity of fiber. You will also find generous amounts of vitamin E, phosphorus, calcium, carotene, iron, and vitamin B complex.
  • Loaded with amazing benefits for your health. Amla is the rock star ingredient in Ayurvedic medicine’s digestive formula…TRIPHALA!
  • Contains potent free-radical fighting ANTIOXIDANTS that help protect your cellular health.
  • Amla pills help support your immune system, provides energy, support healthy blood sugar levels, and healthy stress response. Amla is a big deal in India (and they have been at it for a long time!).
  • Jiva Botanicals assures the quality of its products. They manufacture only premium supplements that are available in powder, capsules, tablets, pills, and extracts. All of their products are manufactured in a US GMP approved facility.
  • There are no GMOs and it is vegan friendly. No additives or fillers are used.
  • Jiva Botanicals stand behind their products 100%

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Hassle-Free money-back guarantee with no questions asked.



Blue Lily Organics Amla Fruit Powder



The story of Blue Lily organics began in childhood. They developed a passion for healthy eating as kids with delicious home cooking and homemade snacks. Processed foods were not stocked in their childhood home. As adults, they have paid it forward with their own children teaching them to savor the flavor of natural foods and spices. This passion has carried over into Blue Lily organics.

A simple vision... to search the world over to bring natural and organic foods into your home… fresh and healthy products brought right to your doorstep. Blue Lily Organics promises to bring the best organically produced foods with minimum processing for your enjoyment.

Blue Lily Organics takes pleasure in giving back to the community and are working diligently with charities that support children and sustainable farming in the world. They believe that the ultimate satisfaction is building their company with love and spreading their good fortune for a higher purpose.

Price $14.45

Quantity 16 oz

Rating 4.5 out of 5

Number of servings 90

Serving size 1 tsp




About this Item

  • High in vitamin C (4x more than an orange and 8x more than a tomato). Amla contains a stable and bioform of vitamin C.
  • A legend in Ayurvedic medicine. It helps build solid immune system support (COVID just hates anything that boosts immune systems!) because it is loaded with antioxidants. For millennia in India, it has been the number 1 answer for digestive disorders. It promotes detoxification and is excellent for rejuvenation.
  • It is known for its blood sugar support. Amla contains chromium which is a mineral that helps regulate carbohydrate metabolism and helps make your body more responsive to insulin. This will help keep your body at healthy blood sugar levels.
  • Use it for your skin and hair. It is a natural hair and scalp cleanser. It also helps clear your skin from the inside out and can be used in topical formulations.
  • Pure and effective. It is 100 percent vegan certified organic and contains no GMOs. There are also no harmful chemicals such as pesticides, no artificial colors, additives, fillers, or preservatives.
  • Goes through 3rd party lab testing.


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If you are serious about building or retaining a strong immune system, you should add Amla to your diet on a daily basis. I know most people don’t care enough to do something about their health. They want a quick fix. They will buy processed foods that use marketing to fool them into thinking they are doing something for their health. Not many will take time out of their day to prepare nutritious meals because they care about their health.

I talked to someone last night who was in the hospital for diabetic complications. It is getting real for her. I told her I am diabetic and have found a solution to help turn her health around. She remarked she didn’t have money to eat that way and that she has medication.SAD These medications just try to hold back the eventual deterioration of this disease.

I am proud that I am a fighter and will always seek a better way. Diabetes and heart disease was a wake-up call for me to live better. My heart is perfectly healthy now. My diabetes is now under control.

To your Health!


Many blessings, Brian






Fatty liver prevention


Anti-ulcer properties

Heavy metals


Antioxidant activity

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  1. Hey Brian,

    Thanks for letting us all know about amla as a superfood.

    I also appreciate you sharing your personal story at the end of your article. It lets us know why you’re so interested in healthier foods.

    Living a healthier lifestyle isn’t just about nutrition, but it is a major component that we can’t ignore.

    Thanks once again…

  2. Wow! Your story is very inspiring, Brian! It proves once again that everything is possible when you truly want it.

    I believe it’s far better to prevent a disease rather than fight against it when it has already attacked your organism.

    So, yeah, chances are that the money you may save on what you eat, you’ll throw away on medications afterwards. Which have side effects and doesn’t even guarantee you anything.

    I wish more of us could understand this and take a better care of health.

    Thank you for sharing.


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