The Truth about Himalayan Salt

Himalayan crystal salt

Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt

What is the truth about Himalayan salt? This pretty pink-colored salt’s popularity has blossomed over the last decade.  Does it really matter what kind of salt you use?  Isn’t salt devastating to your health?  The answers will be presented here and I will let you decide.  


Salt… An overlooked gem of the Earth

You have probably heard the saying he is the salt of the earth.  You will find its origins in the old testament.  Its meaning…   a person or group of people of great kindness, reliability, or honesty.  The word salary has its origins in the word salt.  Salt was a way of paying wages in ancient times.  Salt was highly revered back in the day.

Ancient Roman coins.

Did you know that salt is as essential for your health and well-being as water?  True.  We could not survive without both.  Life on earth began in our vast seas.  Life forms originated in saltwater brine.  A sole.  We are interconnected to the core with water and salt.

When I speak of salt, I am referring to salt in its original form: holistic, unaltered, and natural.  Salt has crystallized after millions of years.  Himalayan salt is crystallized and unaltered for eons.


Water and Salt… Fundamental elements of All Life

Your body consists mainly of water and salt.  There are 94 natural elements on the period table.  Ten of those elements are inert gases. The other 84 natural minerals and trace elements are found in the human body.  Crystal salt contains all of those same elements.  Crystal salt is loaded with the nutrition your body craves.

Salt has a very unique property that differs from all other crystalline structures.  It’s electrical.   Adding crystal salt to water dissolves the salt and creates something new and powerful.  All of the ions from the crystal salt’s 84 minerals are released into the water.  This creates a natural concentrated energy drink full of minerals.  Your secret weapon to start your day!

Each morning… before eating anything… put one teaspoon of sole into a glass of filtered water… don’t add anything else to your stomach while drinking your morning sole water.   The ions – or electrical charges – in the sole are immediately absorbed.  You should feel a surge of energy throughout your body.  The structure of the water is improved with the added sole.  Your body is able to absorb double the amount of water into your cells.


Body Electric

Electricity exists everywhere, including inside your body.  Your cells are designed to oversee electrical currents.   Electricity is mandatory for your nervous system.  It is needed for sending signals throughout your body and to your brain.  This makes it possible for you to move, think, and feel.

Thought is an electromagnetic frequency.  Nothing happens in your body without thought.  You could neither think nor act without it.   Salt has direct access to your brain.  It’s crucial for your health and well-being.  It is the foundation of your cellular metabolism.  Salt creates an electrical environment in your body that keeps your cells active and working properly.

Salt is a core nutrient with exceptional abilities and is fundamental in keeping you alive.  The most basic processes in your body require salt.



If Salt is so good for us…Why is our consumption of salt killing us?

The cold, hard facts are that the salt that you sprinkle on your food every day no longer has anything in common with the salt in its natural form.  It has been heavily processed.  Table salt consists of sodium chloride… only two elements.  Natural crystal salt contains up to 84 minerals and trace elements.

So… what happened?  The industrial revolution came about.  Natural salt was chemically cleaned.  All of the “impurities” were taken out (the essential life-saving minerals and trace elements).  Salt which was once considered white gold has been turned into white poison.  Without the other minerals and trace elements, the body’s PH is thrown off-kilter along with your body’s vibrational pattern.


Are aware of how table salt burden’s your body?

Did you know that most people suffer from a lack of salt?  Astonishing!  How can that be? — isn’t salt in everything? — What about the sodium-induced health crisis?   Yes,  many people are over-saturated with sodium chloride.  People are negligent in reading food labels and have no idea how salt can maim them.

Too much sodium overloads your kidneys big time.  Sodium Chloride is detected as a poison by your immune system.  Your body wants to eliminate this toxic substance immediately.  Your body is designed to protect itself from harm.

Your body will begin to isolate excess sodium.   Water molecules will surround sodium chloride to neutralize the damage.  This results in water being extracted from your cells.  These dehydrated cells will die prematurely. Cellular health is everything… too much sodium is unbelievably devastating.



 What is the end result of too much sodium chloride?

You will end up with an oversupply of water in your tissues.   This may lead to cellulite.  Too much sodium chloride may bind itself with non-degradable animal proteins (like found in milk and can not be broken down and eliminated).  This creates uric acid. (the body can’t get rid of uric acid either)  Uric acid unites with sodium and begins to crystallize.  These crystal deposits latch on to your bones and joints.  This may result in arthritis, gout, kidney stones, or gall bladder stones.

Eating tons of sodium-packed processed foods causes so much bodily harm and may create serious problems for you down the road.  You are slowly poisoning your system with substances your system can not handle.


How the Chemical Industry influences our salt intake

Why is salt chemically processed?  93% of the world’s salt production is used for industrial purposes.   Pure sodium chloride is required for these processes.  The remaining natural elements are considered impurities and tossed out.  Sodium chloride is used in making soaps, plastics and nearly everything else manufactured for our use.

The remaining 7% of the manufactured sodium chloride ends up on your table and in processed foods.   This has been beneficial for the food industry… sodium chloride extends the shelf life for many of their products.   Products that have been altered chemically and have little relation to the natural foods used in production.

Who else wants nitrates?

Nitrates belong to the most aggressive carcinogenic substances known to man.  Nitrates may cause cancer in numerous bodily organs.  Food additives such as iodine and fluoride are added to table salt.  These additives have an accelerating effect on the production of nitrates in your stomach.

Aluminum is sometimes added to table salt to prevent clumping.   Aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease.  Aluminum affects the bridging of the neural pathways to your brain…  this blocks our thought process…  NATURAL CRYSTAL SALT does the exact opposite…  it enables your brain process to function…  to think and act!  You need salt in its natural form for the body to function as it was designed to do.



Our Seas have become “waste-disposal-dumping sites

As you know,  salt is abundant in our oceans…  which make up 70% of our planet’s surface…  and is heavily polluted with heavy metals like arsenic,  lead. mercury,  etc…   There is an “island” of plastic the size of TEXAS in the Pacific.   About every single year,  you hear of a ship losing all of its oil in the sea causing disastrous environmental effects.



So are Seas Salts good for you?

The polluting of our oceans has certainly had a negative impact on sea salt.  If Sea Salt was not contaminated, it would be pure and would contain trace minerals in addition to sodium chloride.  It’s no longer as holistic as it once was.  however; untainted sea salt still exists today!   Millions of years ago some seas evaporated.   The salt beds crystallized.   Earth changes occurred.   These former sea beds rose up and become mountains.   Mountains contain a vast supply of salt in its natural crystallized form…  unaltered…  containing all its holistic goodness.



Sea Salt.

What about Celtic salts? 

Natural Celtic sea salts are found in the coastal area of France.  It is unrefined and the greyish purple color comes from the surrounding clay.  Celtic salt is handpicked using traditional Celtic methods. Solar drying Celtic salt exposes vast brine ponds and may be exposed to atmospheric contaminants and wildlife droppings.  The drying process may also remove beneficial elements.



What is Rock Salt?

95% of the salt found in salt mines is rock salt.   Most of your natural elements are also found in rock salt,  but they are too coarse and unrefined for proper cell absorption.   Rock salt is still better for you than table salt and will not harm your body.  Salt needs time and pressure to crystallize for your cells to ingest.



What is the difference between Rock Salt and Crystal Salt?

Rock salt is a cheap alternative to table salt.  It is natural and not toxic like sodium chloride.  Biochemically speaking it offers little in regards to your health.  The elements in rock salt failed to integrate into a crystalline structure.  Your cells can only absorb elements that occur in ionic form.  Considerable pressure is required for the transformation to ionic form.   The elements are transformed into a specific size,  so they can pass through a cell wall.   This is critical: Cells can only take in what is available organically or ionically.

Himalayan crystal salt has been subjected to millions of years of enormous pressure.  This is how the crystalline structure forms.  The stronger the amount of pressure salt undergoes results in a more superior crystalline structure…  there are after all varying grades of salt… isn’t that true with many of nature’s wonders.  Using better soil,  fertilizers, and sun results in better quality fruits and vegetables.


How is Himalayan Crystal Salt mined?

In the days of yore,  crystal salt was called “king’s salt”…  only the best for nobility…  I guess times haven’t changed much.   Your average “Joe” was left with common rock salt (still natural).   All of this salt was mined of course.  Mining for salt stopped when it ceased being profitable.

Pure crystal salt occurs sporadically and in veins,  so it’s impossible to mine mechanically (to separate from common rock salt).  Crystal salt must be hand-mined to maintain its wonderful natural goodness.   Manuel mining of crystal salt is not economically feasible.   For people to experience potential and regenerating effects that have been discovered in crystal salt,  it is necessary to make it available for consumption.

Holistic theories are compelling only when put into practice and proven.  All salts in the crystallized form are not equal.  Testing is needed to ensure the quality of the salt.


Beware of knockoffs!

When the publishing of research data on Himalayan salt was released,  the marketplace was flooded with pink salt.  People were out to make a quick buck.  Colored rock salt is marketed as Himalayan salt.   Careless separation processes also may result in a mixture of Himalayan salt and rock salt.  Testing is critical in making sure the elements so crucial for optimum health are present.

Ask the vendor what region and what mine their salt came from.   You also want to ask for the required analysis to prove the validity of the salt.   You may request verification that all the natural elements are present in the crystal salt.

Make sure is was hand-mined and prepared manually.  You must be diligent in your search for the purest Himalayan crystal salt.  Merchants,  at times,  are more focused on profits than providing the healthiest choice.  These merchants are peddling from the salt mines of Poland or salt plains in Pakistan.

The Original Himalayan Crystal Salt

The original Himalayan Crystal Salt referred to in this post can be recognized by the logo displayed below. To see the research data click here  Just look for the Salt Health Research tab on the top menu.

This is the official logo of The Original Himalayan Crystal Salt.



There are several hundred doctors using this ancient holistic knowledge in their practices today.   For thousands of years, doctor used nothing more than water and salt in their practices to treat patients.



Use Crystal Salt to Energize your life

Many health-conscious people spend a lot of hard-earned money at health food stores these days.  Amazon recently purchased Whole Foods Market, so anyone can see that this trend is growing in popularity.  A lot of healthy-minded individuals don’t think about SALT at all as part of their health regimen.  There just hasn’t been any buzz in regards to SALT.


A study was done comparing people who drank the highest quality water and consumed the best grade of salt (but were less food-conscious) … vs… a group of health-conscious individuals who paid NO ATTENTION to water and salt qualities. Guess what?  Most of the people who paid more attention to their water and salt intake had healthier organs… than the health food store junkies…



Add some alkaline water to your diet for best results

Choosing the right water to drink is critically paramount for optimum health (as well as crystal salt);  so,  I will mention a little about alkalinity here.  Crystal salt and clean filtered water make SOLE. (discussed later in the post)  Which has many beneficial effects when combined.  Adding high alkaline water to your life will enable you to balance your PH along with crystal salt.

You can buy alkaline strips online to test your water.   A low PH indicates a high amount of acid in your body.  Adding alkaline foods to your diet and reducing acid-forming food will help you balance your PH.


Two of the best alkaline waters available in the market.  Icelandic Glacial Water and Fiji Water.



Fiji water.   The optimum PH level for humans is 7.2.   Fiji water has become immensely popular in recent years.  It is artesian well water slowly filtered through volcanic rock gathering minerals and electrolytes along the way.  It has been preserved and protected naturally from the elements.  The water’s  PH is 7.7 when tested.  You can find more about Fiji water here.

Icelandic Glacial Water.  Iceland is renowned for having one of the world’s cleanest ecosystems.  This water is bottled from the famous Olfus spring.  They make sure that no contaminants get into the water.  The first time the air comes in contact with the water is when the consumer removes the cap off the bottle.  Icelandic Glacial Water has an amazing PH of 8.4!

Benefits of Alkaline water

  • May increase cell hydration
  • Contains antioxidants
  • Helps balance your body’s PH
  • may help flush toxins
  • may help normalize your blood pressure






PH levels of common drinks.


What happens when you combined filtered water and crystal salt?

SOLE is created when salt and water unite.  No,  SOLE is not a wonder drug…  it is simply a food source…  albeit a very good source of nutrition for your body.  Using SOLE every day may restore yourself to optimum health; but,  you must also come to terms with what got you on the road to sickness in the first place.  You may need to take a serious look at what you eat and drink on a regular basis.  Half measures will avail you nothing.  If you want to be the best YOU… changes need to occur in YOUR lifestyle.


Healing Effects of Salt

In ancient times,  SALT was seen as the 5th element (regarded as vital for survival).  Water and salt were used as a remedy for many ailments.  In modern times,  people everywhere are now beginning to consider the healing benefits of natural crystal salts.  You find crystal salt in everything these days from soaps, scrubs, facial mud packs to bath salt.  Crystal salt is also being utilized in inhalation and cleansing treatments.

The healing properties of salt are also well-known in modern medicine.   Poland has a hospital built deep inside a salt mine in the city of Wieliczka….  750 feet below the surface!  Treatments are specially designed for asthmatics and people with lung disorders.   The healing rate is an astonishing 90%… thousands have been treated there.



The healing taking place goes beyond the purity of the air in the cave.  Salt has the ability to balance positively charged ions.   Common devices in your home create positive ions: computers, TV, Stereos, microwaves, etc… Your house is thus charged with electromagnetic energy.  This throws your body’s energy field out of whack.  30 seconds on your cell open up the blood-brain barrier… a natural barrier that protects your brain from toxins.

Surrounded by millions of tons of salt in these mines,  patients benefit from the enormous power of the salt’s frequency and vibration.  All symptoms of illness may be therapeutically neutralized by crystal salt.

The problem arises once someone leaves the salt chamber.  Illness may relapse to its original position; HOWEVER,  there is an alternative solution.  Develop a daily habit of SOLE drinking therapy.  Crystal salt has the ability to balance positively charged ions.  Salt has neutralizing effects that may bring balance back into your system.  When you are ill and suffer from an energy deficiency,  crystal salt may help restore your energy.




SOLE… Mother Soup of all Life Forms

You create something entirely new when combing crystal salt and water…  water is no longer water… salt is no longer salt.  The elements have freed themselves from their restricted forms and have reached a higher form of energy.  3 billion years passed by on Earth with water, salt, and sunlight as being the only game in town.  Life was finally created from salt and water and sunlight.  Salt has always played a HUGE role in all life forms.

Your body consists of the same elements as the sea… the sea of life.  The primordial “soup” of life.  Your body has the same ratio of elements (84 minerals and trace elements) as does salt and water.  So it makes total sense to make sure your body gets what it needs to function at optimum levels.  Table salt is not going to help you.  Those elements were stripped out for commercial uses.

You can not absorb the minerals from mineral water because they would not be able to penetrate into your cells.  Creating a sole with crystal salt and filtered water would be able to be absorbed by your cells.  You need the organic or ionic state of an element for your body to make use of it.

Can Disease be your friend?

Nobody wants health issues.  A wave of fears engulfs anyone who receives unexpected news from their doctor.  A wave of depression and anxiety overwhelms many of us.  But UNDERSTAND this…your body is trying to wake you up…  something is wrong…  you need to pay attention.  You may need to explore other options concerning your dietary habits.  Adding plenty of non-carbonated low mineral water with sole drinking therapy may help you regain your health.

Healing Power of Sole

SOLE provides a 24-hour lasting effect.  Your body will receive the exact vibration it’s missing. You will need high-grade Himalayan Crystal Salt rocks.  Put them in a glass jar and fill it with alkaline water…  wait 24 hours for the salt rocks to dissolve.(this will create a 26% sole solution…  take one teaspoon of sole and add it to 8 ounces of alkaline water first thing in the morning…  on an empty stomach.  It is important to do this daily for the best results.

Your intestines will be stimulated within minutes.  You may experience a general state of well-being as its goodness seeps into your body.  Electrolytes are created when drinking SOLE.

SOLE has a balancing effect on your system.  Within 15 minutes, your blood pressure will lower (if you have high blood pressure), but it will raise if your blood pressure is low, to begin with.  Your PH levels may be brought back into balance with sole.  Your body will start to flush out toxins and intestinal waste.  It will help clean your insides out.

You may experience some negative effects as a result.  Removing waste rapidly may result in diarrhea.  Your body may have stored up fermented and rotten substances over the years.  Realize this is good news…  getting rid of bodily garbage.  This may include kidney and gallstones being loosened up and thus released.  They would cause more trouble down the road if not removed now.  The cleansing process will differ for everyone. Some people have accumulated more waste over time than others.

Sole may also help break down deposits on joints.  This may help people that have arthritis or gout find some relief.  It is also good for your skin.  Intestinal health affects how your skin looks.  Your skin mirrors your inside conditions.  Sole is excellent for treating skin disorders.


Ways SOLE is Used

  • SOLE Drinking Therapy
  • SOLE Inhalation
  • Flushing out your Sinuses
  • Eye Wash
  • SOLE Bath
  • Flotation Tanks
  • Topical Applications
  • SOLE Wraps
  • Salt-Sachet Applications
  • Body Peeling
  • SOLE Mud
  • Crystal Salt Ionizers
  • Crystal Salt Lamps


There is hardly a more efficient and natural remedy than Crystal Salt and quality natural spring water.  Together,  they may stimulate your body’s natural way to heal itself.  Since  Himalayan Crystal Salt contains the exact mineral combination as does the human body,  it may have a beneficial effect on all diseases.  Some scientists and doctors feel there is only one disease: energy deficiency.  Their philosophy on healing… remove the cause… not the symptoms.

Modern medicine believes in relieving symptoms…  prescribing medications…  suggest usage hot of cold pads for swellings…  physical therapy… rest… etc…  You seldom receive dietary advice; however, they may send you to see a dietitian.   Big pharma has gotten WAY too involved in pushing their agenda and influencing modern medicine.   Pharmaceuticals have damaging side effects and often lead to more scripts to counteract horrendous side effects… INSANITY!  These noxious prescriptions also suppress the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Most doctors don’t undergo a lot of nutritional training.  This is my biggest problem with modern medicine.  Thanks to a growing segment of MDs who have dedicated themselves to educating the general public to use food as their greatest weapon… or defense…  against disease. (remember…  water and salt are also food)



Natural Skin Care

Skin….  your body’s largest organ… acts as a mirror in regards to your health… will tell you how your body is doing internally…  The high acid content in your body will be reflected on your skin.  This is a sign that your PH is out of balance.

The skincare market is huge (as you well know).  Many skincare products may acidify your body even more.  Again… you need to treat the cause… not the symptoms.  So if you have a skin problem,  find out what is causing those blemishes.  Eating a lot of protein such as eggs, meats, and dairy may make you more prone to having skin issues.

It is important to drink SOLE each morning on an empty stomach as well as topical salt applications for your complexion.  The topical applications should be continued until an inner balance is reached inside your body… SOLE drinking therapy should remain a part of your daily regimen.



Skin Blemishes  Unhealthy skin conditions such as acne or eczema need identical treatment with salt therapy.  Your inside bodily condition is trying to give you a heads up.  Your intestinal system has probably been compromised.  Your body can’t get rid of all the toxins,  so they are excreted through your pores.

A change of diet, as well as a colon cleanse, is advisable to eliminate the cause.  It is also extremely important to guzzle down plenty of quality spring water with high alkaline content.  Your water should be low in minerals.  The water will help flush out fermented bodily waste that has been attached to your intestines.

Sole applications…. morning sole and 2 to 3 quarts of low mineral and non-carbonated water a day,  1 % topical sole, and applying a sole mud mask twice a week.


Neurodermatitis  This condition is caused by an allergic reaction.  It may be caused by an allergy to dairy.  Symptoms may appear as early as infancy.  The skin may develop brittle scabs that can develop anywhere on the body.  The scabs itch and are extremely uncomfortable.

Dietary changes are recommended to fight back.  You may really consider avoiding all dairy products, animal proteins, wheat, sugar, and processed foods…  your diet can be your friend…  or foe.

Sole applications…. morning sole and 2 to 3 quarts of low mineral and non-carbonated water a day, crystal sole bath (up to 5% sole solution).


Psoriasis  This skin disease is genetically inherited and waits until adulthood to ravage your outer appearance…. red-spotted skin usually covered with white flakes.  You may keep it in remission by sticking to a whole food plant-based diet.  Adding salt therapy may perform wonders in combating psoriasis.  Doctors are familiar with the healing effects of salt in treating psoriasis and recommend bathing in highly concentrated salt water (like the Dead Sea).  This only provides temporary relief unless you bring the ocean home with you. The good news… now you can!

Sole applications…. morning sole and 2 to 3 quarts of low mineral and non-carbonated water a day, a bath with a high concentration of sole (3% solution)… keep the water temperature of the bath at or below your body temperature (98.6 F)… don’t rinse off the salt… dab with a towel to dry your skin…2x a week for 20 minutes, sole mud is also helpful as well as salt flotation tanks (if you can find one).


Athlete’s Foot  Your itchy feet may be cured rapidly and effectively with crystal salt sole therapy.  It may take longer if your toenails get infected.

Sole applications…. morning sole and 2 to 3 quarts of low mineral and non-carbonated water a day, and bath your feet in a 10% concentrated sole solution… dab your feet dry with a towel after your soak.


Warts  Annoying ugly little skin growths,  warts, can be a chore to get rid of.  Crystal salt…  is effective in chiseling away at these unwanted pests.  Warts are caused by viruses that get inside your skin.  Strengthening your immune system also aids in getting rid of warts.

Sole application… sole drink in the morning (for your immune system), make a sole wrap for the wart and you may apply some sole mud.


Insect Bites  You may treat bug bites with the sole.  It aids in swelling and itching.  You may also use a topical for poison ivy, oak, and sumac.

Sole applications… use a pure sole solution (26%)  on the affected areas of skin.  this helps with the itching and swelling.  You may also apply sole mud.


Allergy disorders have been on the rise over the last few decades.  Causes are numerous: poor dietary habits, genetics, toxic chemical, elector-smog, vaccinations… etc.   Salt mine chambers have offered relief for allergic conditions.  As soon as you leave a salt hospital setting, symptoms return.  Crystal salt offers a salt therapy solution in your own home.


Asthma  This is a respiratory disease that affects the airways to the lungs.  Asthma victims feel like they are suffocating during an episode.  Symptoms are coughing wheezing, difficulty in breathing, and chest tightness or pain.  The problem most often occurs during exhalation.

Many factors can trigger an asthma attack… such as… pollen… mold… pet dander… chemicals… stress… food additives… the list goes on.

If you consider treating asthma with crystal salt therapy, stay with the protocol set forth by your MD(along with salt therapy).  Stopping asthma medication may trigger an attack.  Only after the salt has proved its effectiveness through holistic treatment can you begin to taper off your meds. (while working with your doctor)

Sole applications…. morning sole and 2 to 3 quarts of low mineral and non-carbonated water a day, inhalation of a 1% sole solution (do this 2x a day for 15 minutes), use a crystal salt ionizer at home, and bath in a 1% solution once a week.


Hay Fever and allergic eye infections  Grass and pollen are the main culprits of allergies.  Over 10% of the world’s industrial population suffers from hay fever.  Our immune systems have been unable to keep up with environmental pollution.  The signs of hay fever are sneezing and itching of your nose.  Your eyes and nose excrete a watery solution.

Sole applications… morning sole and 2 to 3 quarts of low mineral and noncarbonated water, flush your nose with a 1% solution of sole with a neti pot several times a day (this removes pollen from your mucous membrane), use a 1% sole solution for your eyes ( use an eye flush cap)–this will not burn your eyes–, and a crystal salt ionizer will help.




Everyone is familiar with the common cold.  You may experience a sore throat, coughing, a runny nose, bronchitis, ear infections, sinus infections with a cold.  You can catch a cold any time of the year.  Hay fever sometimes is mistaken as a cold.  Crystal salt therapy is an awesome prevention ritual.


Sore Throat  Scratchy throats are often an early signal of an oncoming cold.  Your mouth is the most common gateway for infections to get into your system.  If your immune system is not strong enough,  your throat can get infected.

Sole applications…  morning sole and 2 to 3 quarts of low mineral and non-carbonated water, gargle with a 1% sole solution, and use a cold throat wrap with a highly concentrated sole.  Soak in the pure sole (26%) and leave it on for an hour.


Infected Ears Cold may lead to your eardrums being infected.  Your eardrum trumpet is essential to cut off from air circulation and infection may occur.

Sole applications… morning sole and 2 to 3 quarts of non-carbonated and low mineral water per day,  flush your nose 2x a day with a neti pot (1% sole solution), and heat up a crystal salt sachet in your oven (120-140 F) 2x per day for 20 minutes each.


Sinus Infections  Some people suffer continually from nasal congestion.  This infection could develop into headaches and sinus infections.  If you currently suffer from congestion, flushing out your nose would be a good routine to add to your life.  The salt solution moisturizes inside your nose making it difficult for bacteria and viruses to settle in and do damage.

Sole applications… Morning sole routine and drinking 2 to 3 quarts of non-carbonates and low mineral water per day, and flush your nose with a neti pot containing a 1% sole solution 2x a day.


Bronchitis  Colds often follow a certain pattern beginning in your throat, rising to your nasal area, and finally attacking your bronchial area.  This is when your bronchial tubes become inflamed.  Your bronchial tubes are responsible for the airflow to your lungs.

There are several forms of bronchitis and can take several weeks to dissipate.  Smokers are especially prone to chronic bronchitis.

Sole applications… Morning sole and drinking 2 to 3 quarts of non-carbonated and low mineral water, perform sole inhalation therapy once or twice a day with a 1% sole solution, and also recommended is using a crystal salt ionizer.


Himalayan Salt Inhaler


Flu  The symptoms of flu are more intense than the common cold… but have many similarities.  You may also experience fevers, muscle aches and vomiting.  Flu can also develop into pneumonia and require hospitalization.

Sole applications… your morning sole and 2 to 3 quarts of low mineral and non-carbonated water per day, take a sole bath with a 1 percent solution (don’t do the sole bath if you have a fever), and cold-soaked sole thigh wraps are effective for lowering fevers.



Skeletal Diseases

Diseases of the skeletal system,  known as the locomotion system, include infectious arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, degenerative arthritis, gout, osteoporosis and bone injuries. The primary causes of rheumatic diseases is poor diet, lack of exercise, and water over a long period of time. Crystallized deposits begin to form on the joints leading to inflammation.

Contributing factors to a poor diet include: consuming a large number of animal proteins, sugar, table salt, refined flours, and booze.  It doesn’t help the situation when you do not drink enough water to flush the toxins out.  After starting your sole solutions therapy, you may experience aggravation at first and may experience a little pain.  Drinking a lot of water will help ease the pain as you rid your body of these toxins.

Arthritis and Gout  Conditions like these are characterized by painful swelling and reddening of the skin.  Heat usually increases the discomfort, so it’s best to ice the swelling down.

Sole applications… morning sole and 2 to 3 quarts of non-carbonated and low mineral water, use a pure sole (26%) cold wrap around the affected area several times a day, and a sole mud wrap to alleviate the pain as well (you may want to put a cold wet towel on top to prevent the mud from drying out to quick.  Leave the mud on for an hour.



Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoporosis  These diseases are caused by the deterioration of your cartilage and your tissues wearing out.  Apply heat to help alleviate pain.  Osteoporosis patients benefit greatly from sole since the solution is full of minerals from the crystal salt.  Your body can not break down cow’s milk calcium, so this will not help osteoporosis.  You can get calcium from your garden by eating nuts, whole wheat, sesame products, and legumes.  These foods have the amino acids your body can absorb to help your calcium intake.

Sole solution… morning sole routine and 2 to 3 quarts of non-carbonated and low mineral water, using heat is good for degenerative bone diseases, so use a sole wrap with a 10% solution.  You can also heat a crystal salt sachet in your oven (120-140 F) and place it on the problem area for 20 minutes, take a sole bath with a 2% solution, and gradually increase to 8%.  The water temperature should not exceed 98.6 F and do not take a sole bath during flare-ups.



Broken Bones and Pulled Muscles or Tendons.  Skeletal injuries always cause inflammation, so treat them like infections. Sole not only alleviates pain and reduces swelling,, it may also help accelerate the regeneration process.

Sole applications… morning sole routine and 2 to 3 quarts of non-carbonated and low mineral water, wrap a towel soaked in highly concentrated sole on your injury, and wrap a dry towel over the soaked towel.  A sol mud wrap will also help and put a wet towel over the mud towel to keep the mud from drying to quickly.



Indigestion and Malfunctioning Metabolism

In the Western world, the most common ailments are rheumatic diseases and indigestion.  The cause is usually similar: lack of exercise, poor lifestyle choices, nutritional deficiencies, and lack of good water.  This may lead to stomach problems, diarrhea, constipation, liver and gallbladder issues, and excess fat in your blood and urine, diabetes, and putrefied intestines.

Maintaining a healthy diet “should” be obvious; however, the evidence says otherwise.  The so-called factory foods are killing us…  slowly…  but surely.  I know that I spent years eating these “foods” without a thought.  Yea… I know eating junk food isn’t healthy, but as long as I didn’t over consume them… was how I rationalized eating these addictive foods.

Modern people have been tricked into eating this nonsense.  There is a huge cover-up in corporate America concerning food.  Do you ever take time and read food labels?  If it doesn’t sound like food, you probably shouldn’t eat it.   Look around… obese people are everywhere… too many people are overweight… even young children… something is seriously wrong with our food choices.

Crystal salt can help, but it is so important to eat the right foods.  Stop eating processed foods.  They are garbage… poison… agents of death.   Some of the ingredients in American food are banned in other countries.

The optimum diet consists of natural, wholesome, and living foods.  Most people have an acidic condition, so it is wise to steer towards alkaline foods (vegetables, fruits, and nuts) to balance your PH.  Again, acid-forming foods consist of animal proteins, dairy products, eggs, and sugar.

Adding crystal salt sole may stimulate your digestive organs and support the digestive fluids in your pancreas and liver and regulate your metabolism.

Sole application… morning sole routine and 2 to 3 quarts of non-carbonated and low mineral water.



Kidney and Bladder Issues

Your kidneys are very important for getting rid of toxins.  They filter your blood and extract pollutants.  Women are more likely to experience urinary tract infections, and men may experience agonizing kidney stones more than women.  It is paramount to drink a lot of good water for proper kidney functioning.  Sole may help break down and dissolve kidney and gallbladder stones.  The passing of the stones can be painful… but worthwhile… as the body will have healed itself.

Sole application… morning sole routine and 2 to 3 quarts of non-carbonated and low mineral water, use hot sole soaked wraps if experiencing pain in the area of your kidneys, and you can also use a crystal salt sachet on those painful areas.




Heart Disease

Heart disease is the most common disease known to mankind.  Every problem concerning your heart, arteries, and blood vessels can be linked to an unhealthy lifestyle. (poor food choices, smoking, lack of exercise, stress… etc) 

Your health can bounce back with a change in lifestyle.  The best thing you can do for your heart is to look into a whole food plant-based diet.  There is a buzz about this movement on YOUTUBE with very convincing evidence.  I myself have gotten my blood pressure and other vitals under control with this way of eating.  It is amazing how good your body feels eating this way.

Sole therapy can also come into play to aid yourself back to health.  Sole may balance your blood pressure.  Sole may also help dissolve plaque buildup in your arteries and blood vessels, but if don’t change your lifestyle you may continue to have problems.  There is nothing scarier than pain associated with your heart.  I personally don’t want to experience that again.

Sole application… morning sole routine and 2 to 3 quarts of non-carbonated and low mineral water.



Sleeping Disorders, Nervousness, and Poor Concentration

Insomnia is on the rise… along with anxiety disorder… and the ability to concentrate.  ADHD is now more common among children.  Himalayan crystal salt lamps may help alleviate tension.  I use one myself and notice a shift in the energy of the room when it is on.  It creates a sense of well-being in me.  Crystal salt lamps are good to have around modern devices that create electromagnetic fields.  Try one next to your bed while you sleep.

Sole application… morning sole routine and 2 to 3 quarts of non-carbonated and low mineral water, a sole bath can be beneficial once in a while, crystal salt ionizers and lamps may also help with your mood.




The BIG C.  The thought of cancer scared me as a kid… along with leprosy ( I went to Catholic school).  When I was a kid I thought cancer was a great mystery and it could just happen for no reason.  The cancers plaguing children most often are different than cancer that adults suffer from.  I am a huge believer in ST Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital and used to work for one of their fundraising arms.  Danny Thomas was famous for saying “No child should die in the dawn of life”.

Cancer refers to any one of a large number of diseases characterized by the development of abnormal cells that divide uncontrollably and have the ability to infiltrate and destroy normal body tissue.  Cancer often has the ability to spread throughout your body.

Some believe that negative thought patterns can affect the very cells in our bodies… fear… stress… lack of love.  Doctors are finding more about cancer every year.  Sole usage may help your system in regeneration.

Sole application… morning sole routine and 2 to 3 quarts of non-carbonated and low mineral water, take a 1% sole solution bath every so often as your physical system allows.



Eye Diseases

60% of Americans wear glasses or contacts.  As you age, you may suffer from a dehydrated eyeball a may need to get glasses.  The most common eye problems are caused by environmental factors such as TVs, Computers, heating and air units, and dehydration.  Pollen can also cause eye issues. Sole eye baths can alleviate these problems and may even reduce impaired vision due to old age.

Sole application… morning sole routine and 2 to 3 quarts of non-carbonated and low mineral water, for chronic conditions wash your eyes with a 1% sole solution (it won’t burn)2 to 3 times per day until the problem is resolved.


Heavy Metals

Heavy metals are everywhere in our modern-day environment.  They are present in our soils and find their way into our food and water supply.  They are extremely toxic to your immune system and difficult for your body to eliminate.  Excessive heavy metals like arsenic, lead, cadmium, and mercury can lead to headaches, exhaustion, depression, and to a lack of vitality.  Crystal salt may help remove toxins from your body.

Sole application… morning sole routine and 2 to 3 quarts of non-carbonated and low mineral water.




Dental Hygiene

Crystal salt works well for your oral and dental hygiene.  It helps control tarter and may aid in preventing cavities.  Most dental decay is caused by a high acid content in your mouth and throat.  The crystal salt may help re-balance your PH in your mouth and may help dental issues.  It may also help regenerate your teeth’ enamel.

Sole application… morning sole routine and 2 to 3 quarts of non-carbonated and low mineral water.  Every morning brush your teeth with a pure sole (26%) and gargle your mouth for 3 minutes with a pure sole.



Salt-Based Cosmetics

Recently, crystal salt has found its way into cosmetics.  You can find numerous salt-based beauty products on the shelves of stores from soaps to lotions and masks… however… be careful because many of these are produced with refined salts.  Look for products that contain the Original Himalayan Crystal Salt.





More about Original Himalayan Salt


Isn’t all salt the same?

If the quality of salt really matters to you, there are five things to consider before you purchase salt.

  1. The number of trace minerals in the salt
  2. The ratio of those minerals
  3. The size of the particles and the structure of those minerals.
  4. Has the salt been contaminated with additives, chemicals or pollution?
  5. Research shows the mineral content and health benefits.


Microscopic photos of various salt types.


Original Himalayan Crystal Salt® is the purest, healthiest salt on the planet.

The ideal addition to support your health.

Includes 84 elements and minerals.
Provides your body with Electrolytes.
Improves cell hydration*
 Supports acid-alkaline balance*
Helps establish normal blood pressure*
Supports detoxification and helps intestinal health*
 Supports a properly functioning metabolism*

Here is a link to all of the research on Original Himalayan Crystal Salt® as well as the research in the book, Water and Salt the Essence of Life.

When making choices about our health, we sometimes gravitate towards what we think is helpful without knowing all the facts.  Quality matters!  This goes for anything you put in your body.  Please try the best for yourself… you only have your health… nothing else matters more… not all the gold in the world… you can offer so much more to life when you feel good mentally and physically.

I choose Original Himalayan Crystal Salt® because it is the BEST! And I hope you do too!   Purchase Original Himalayan Crystal Salt Right Here

Does it really have 84 minerals and trace elements? Do you have a  certificate of analysis to prove the source of all the trace minerals mentioned in the book, Water & Salt the Essence of Life? – Here is our Certificate of Analysis

PS Take a tour of the site… you will see different kinds of salt therapy devices and products to choose from.


Many blessings,


Different kinds of Salt

Original Himalayan Crytal Salt

Himalayan or Pink Salt

Sea/Celtic Salt

Table Salt




5 (depending on source)


Additives &



Depends on the source, anti-caking may be used, Pollutants, radioactive waste, heavy metals

Anti-caking agents Pollutants: plastic,cyanide, aluminum and others

Foothills of the Himalayan mountains in Pakistan

South America, Poland, Australia, or Pakistan



Structure &
Particle Size



Crystalline with Subtle isolation

Crystalline with total isolation


Hand mined, cleaned and gently crushed with stone grinders

Industrially mined often
using explosives

Evaporated salt from the oceans or saltwater lakes then chemically refined at high temperatures removing most of the trace minerals

Explosives then chemically cleaned in a lab removing trace elements to leave Na and Ci






Making various quantities of 1% Sole Water

Quantity of Water      

Quantity of Sole

1 cup (8oz)   

1 ½ tsp (6g)

1 Quart (4 cups)  

2 Tbsp (30 g)

2 Quarts (½ Gallon)

4 Tbsp (60g)

3 Quarts (12 cups) 

 6 Tbsp

4 Quarts (1 Gallon)   

½ Cup

2 Gallons (32 Cups)

1 Cup

3 Gallons (48 Cups)

1 ½ Cups

4 Gallons (64 cups)

 2 Cups

10 Gallons (160 Cups)

5 Cups

100 Gallons 

50 Cups


Various Concentrations of Sole Solution

% of Sole Solution 

Amt of Fine Salt

Amt of Water



½ tsp (2g)

7 ounces

for eyes & nose


tsp (8g) 

28 ounces 

for inhalation


2.2 lbs 

26 gallons

for sole bathing


6 tsp (24g)

34 ounces Water

for Inhalation


6.6lbs (3 Kilos)

26 gallons

for Sole Bathing


6 Tbsp ( 3 Kilos)

34 ounces Water

for Partial Bathing

SOURCES.   Since salt research is limited, I got a lot of information from “Water & Salt… the healing power of nature” Dr. Med. Barbara Hendel and Peter Ferreira.  Their book is loaded with research data to back up their findings.  Some of my other sources are found here.

I have presented researched data and I am not making any claims that salt will cure any ailments.  Salt is food and as many natural substances whether it is a vegetable, fruits, nuts, herbs, and minerals, contain properties that help human beings maintain optimum health.

PS This is not a sponsored post; however, I was referring to the Original Crystal Salt label in regards to this post and my link is to the only company that I could find currently.  There were two other companies outside the United States previously as mentioned in the book “Water & Salt”, but I could not locate current product links.

You can go to Power organics out of Shasta California and purchase a high-grade salt there.  I am not an affiliate there but have used their products.  They are a fine company with research on their website.  I was first introduced to this topic through them.  They no longer have an affiliate program, but I do recommend them.  Their salt research shows 74 minerals and trace elements present.

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  1. Hi there! Thanks for sharing such detailed information! It helps me a lots since I’m having himalayan salt in my kitchen as well. I bought it is because of someone told me it’s good for us comparing to the normal white salts and I never thought deeper about it. Your article done a great job on analyzing the himalayan salt in a professional way! I think I’ll never bought white salts but himalayan salt after reading your article.

    I love this article a lots. Thanks again!

  2. Wowww… That is such a detailed article on salt. I never knew salt had these many angles. During my childhood, we used to eat salt directly from the natural salt pans. Later started eating iodine salt. Thank you for this article.

  3. This is a very extensive and informative article. I have been watching a lot of programs on Netflix lately about how we eat and I heard about how bad table salt is for us and the different salts we should be really using. I didn’t fully understand the differences between rock salt and crystal salts and I am shocked with all the information here and the benefits. I will start making sure I substitute my table salt to get some of these benefits. Thanks for such a well-written post.

  4. One of the most powerful Himalayan salt content is sodium. Sodium is one of the substances our body needs to neutralize acids and balance the pH. If our body’s pH is balanced, we no longer need to worry about a body that gets sick quickly. The immune system is constantly increasing, bones will be denser, joints will be stronger, and kidney stones will be cleaner. That’s what I like from Himalayan salt. I use Himalayan salt not only for cooking but also when I am soaking in a warm bath.
    Thank you for sharing this thoughtful and detailed post. Today from your article, I got a realization about sea salt. You’re right when you talked about how polluted our sea nowadays. Scary but it’s the truth.

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