What is Maca Root Powder?… A Review of the Best


What is maca root powder?

Maca is one of the most nutritional plants in the world. Native Peruvians have used this superfood for thousands of years. It was probably first domesticated between 1300 to 2000 years ago in San Blas, Junin by Inca farmers.

Legend has it that Peruvian warriors used Maca as a stimulant before battle. It provided the warriors with a much-needed energy boost and enhanced their ability to focus on the task at hand.

Maca is often referred to as Peruvian ginseng. It is often sought out for its aphrodisiac effects. Maca is the main ingredient in many male importance supplements (ED). But, maca has many other benefits besides being a sexual aid in the bedroom.

Maca grows in the Peruvian Andes. Maca is not an herb It is a cruciferous vegetable, and a member of the mustard family, It is also related to broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and kale (some of the most nutritious vegetables). Maca has a nutty and butterscotch like flavor.

You will need to climb high up into the Andes Mountains to find maca. It can be located as far up as 13,000 feet. It thrives in harsh and inhospitable environments. Maca can grow in poor soil. It can survive frigid cold temperatures, high winds, droughts, and flooding.

Late winter or early spring is harvest time for maca. When maca is ready, the plant’s roots are yanked from the ground and left out to dry in the sun on large tarps. The drying process takes about 10 to 14 days, and then they are now ready for processing.

The tubers are transported to a facility and all the dirt and bacteria are scrubbed off (bacteria in the soil is actually good for your immune system, just saying!). In a selling environment, you have to clean off the dirt. The maca is now sent through large grinders which transform it into a powdered form. Maca can be stored for years as long as it is protected from insects and molds.




What are the Benefits of Maca?

May increase libido for both sexes Maca helps boost sexual drive in both men and women. Maca is the main ingredient in many male sexual enhancement supplements. It has been used as an aphrodisiac for millennia in Peru. It has demonstrated its ability to increase sexual desire, in studies, but it has not been linked to increasing testosterone. Some unknown factor has been the culprit for raising sexual desire.

Studies have shown a higher rate of male fertility. Maca may help increase sperm production.

Maca may help reduce prostate size in men. Larger prostrates pose problems for men when passing urine. A bulging prostate surrounds the urine tube and presents an obstacle for a proper flow. Maca is high in glucosinolates which are associated with a lower risk of prostate cancer







The immune system    Maca acts as an adaptogen. A Russian scientist came up with this term while studying plant medicines. Basically, adaptogens are plants (maca included) that help your body build up its resistance power against pathogens. Adaptogens are able to adapt to external conditions when challenged.

They work alongside your body’s natural rhythm cycle to help rebuild a weak immune system, re-mineralize your body, and increase your energy and endurance. Scientists and doctors conclude that maca is one of the best ways of regulating your endocrine system. This is a collection of glands that regulate your metabolism and hormones.

Your endocrine system can regulate your organs through your glands with internal secretion. This secretion passes through your blood to your body’s tissues. Your pituitary gland (home of growth hormone), hypothalamus, and adrenal glands are just some of the glands in your endocrine system.

Maca also provides your body with vitamins and minerals. Your body is able to absorb nutrition better by extracting it from whole food sources. Multi-vitamins are not easily absorbed into your system. Vitamins help steer away from the threat of common illness transmitted by nasty microorganisms.



  • 2x as much calcium as milk
  • 3x as much vitamin C as an orange
  • 5x as much iron as spinach

Assists in weight loss Maca’s stimulating effects help with weight loss. It provides a boost of energy that encourages physical activity and provides more motivation for working out. Do you know who struggles with getting up and going? Suggest some maca. By the way… this wonderful superfood contains almost no calories and will not disturb your diet.

Skincare     Maca can help balance testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone. Hormonal imbalances often materialize as fatigue, flushing or sweating which can wreak havoc with your skin’s appearance. Skin imperfections are usually a result of an internal imbalance of some sort.

Maca can offer you protection from the sun; however, it is not to be used as a sunscreen replacement. Maca extract may add some additional protection against UV radiation.

Acne is often a result of angry hormones. You can use a topical treatment of maca on your skin to clear up blemishes. Just start with smaller doses. If you come on too strong, you may worsen the situation.

Useful for menopause A natural decline in estrogen often leads to a range of unpleasant emotions. Hot flashes, vaginal dryness, mood swings, sleep problems, and general irritability. Maca may help alleviate these symptoms.

Maca is useful in regulating and balancing hormones. It can help raise or lower hormonal levels based on the body’s needs.

Mood booster Nothing sucks more, in my opinion, than a feeling of melancholy. I suffered for years from a roller coaster of emotions. Finding natural whole-foods that have an ability to clear away the blues has been a godsend. So many people suffer every day from feelings of irritability, and you owe it to yourself to try some of these natural mood elevators.

Maca is one of these foods. It has been associated with the ability to reduce anxiety and depression. Maca helps lift one’s overall sense of well-being and induce a positive state of mind. This is probably one of the reasons it has an aphrodisiac effect on many people.







Peruvians use it for learning and memory School children in Peru have been using maca for ages to enhance their learning and memory capabilities. Maca may be able to improve brain function and reinforce memory function.

Maca has a helpful effect on your nervous system. Its ability to improve the transmission of nerve impulses within your central nervous system enables you to hone in your concentration powers and strengthen your learning capacity.

Athletes love it Maca is recommended for endurance sports. It can provide your body with more energy and allow you to improve your performance results. It can quickly regenerate your body after strenuous workouts and help reduce stress.

Maca is also great for bodybuilders. It contains essential branched amino acids. It may prevent the loss of muscle mass and is very beneficial in burning unwanted fat reserves. With time, maca may help improve your overall physical appearance. It is highly suitable for training and is often used before and after workout sessions.

Maca is a safe stimulant and is not considered doping by any means.





Good for diabetes Maca may aid in insulin distribution by making your cells more sensitive to the effects of insulin. For those that don’t know… insulin is a hormone created by your pancreas. Before being diabetic, I thought it was a drug used to help those poor souls born with diabetes, and I knew that they could die without it.

The fiber in maca may also slow your digestion down and allow for more glucose absorption. Its ability to increase energy and endurance for exercise, or providing motivation to get your daily chores done, is good for diabetics. An exercise regimen is a necessity for diabetics desiring to control their sugars.




What is Black Maca?

Each color of maca root offers different benefits. It is advised that you do your research and choose the maca that is best suited to meet your needs. Black maca is a food and the statements below are backed by scientific research. Everyone reacts differently and at a different pace, so results may vary.



Black Maca Benefits

  • black maca has a higher antioxidant effect than red or yellow maca root
  • prevents metabolism disorders by aiding in the regulation of glucose and leading to a healthier metabolism
  • black maca is the only type of maca know to help increase sperm production in males
  • helps improve your memory
  • the best maca for improving and protecting your bone health
  • improves your mood, learning, and concentration

What to really expect from black maca

Maca offers some positive effects when added to your daily diet. Results can be broad and varied since maca is considered to work on your hormonal system.

  • Muscle endurance
  • muscle building and fitness
  • libido
  • alertness and energy
  • weight loss

Black maca is sometimes thought of as men’s maca; however, women may also benefit from black maca. Women are much more into fitness in modern times and often are involved in the same sporting activities as men. Maca, by the way, does not contain any hormones. It behaves like a supplement and able to stimulate your body to achieve healthy hormone levels.





Is Red Maca the Right One for YOU?

Red and black maca root offers the most benefits (research backs this up). Red may be the one for you if it fits the bill in what you are looking to improve.

Red Maca Benefits

  • associated with a healthier prostate
  • bone strength and density. adds protective benefits to your bone structure. (black maca as well)
  • has a more favorable effect on your energy, mood, and sexual desire and may improve male sexual dysfunction
  • good for depression… it has antidepressant activity associated with its use. red is better for your overall mood
  • generates a positive effect on wound healing
  • higher nutrients due to higher concentrations of glucosinolates
  • protects your skin and liver against significant increases in lipid peroxidation
  • immune-boosting capabilities. helps protect against viral infections

What to watch for in red maca consumption

  • boost of energy
  • an overall sense of well-being
  • improved menstruation
  • better memory
  • hot flashes weaken
  • prostate improves
  • not to be affected with hormonal acne
  • more mental acuity





Nutritional Profile (1 gram)




20 grams


4 grams


1 gram


2 grams

Vitamin C

33% RDA

Niacin (vitamin b3)

85% RDA


6% RDA

Vitamin B6

15% RDA


84% RDA


11% RDA


16% RDA


23% RDA



How to Use Maca

Maca is available in powder, capsule, or in a liquid form. The optimum dose has not been established yet, but people commonly use between 1.5 to 5 grams per day. A teaspoon is a little over 4 grams. Children can safely use maca in smaller amounts (half a teaspoon).

For faster absorption, it is best that you take on an empty stomach, 15 minutes before you eat your breakfast.

You can add maca to a smoothy or sprinkle it over some fruit. I like to add it to a green tea concoction that also includes amla and triphala powder, some ginger root and some sort of natural sweetener like dates. (triphala is extremely bitter). I am serious when it comes to boosting my immune system. COVID and other nasty invaders are a continual threat to my livelihood. Why not arm yourself with gifts from nature.

You can use maca externally as well. Use on your wounds or burns for faster healing.





Are there Any Side-effects?

Maca is considered safe for most people. Pregnant women, as always, should proceed with caution and consult with a physician before using. The upside for using during pregnancy, maca may act as an alternate for prenatal vitamins, and help rebalance hormones, especially during the first trimester… but yea, check with the doc.

There is some concern it could raise testosterone levels in expectant mothers. Some say, that because of its near pharmaceutical like qualities, it is not recommended to use during pregnancy and lactation.

Maca may give you a case of the jitters at first. Go easy on it to allow your body time to adjust.

One more thing… If you have thyroid issues… steer clear of maca. (or at least proceed with caution)



Why You Should Stay Far Away from Chinese Maca

First of all, maca is from the high altitudes of Peru and is perfectly suited in that growing environment. I have nothing against the people of China, but their government cuts corners when it comes to product safety. The Chinese are creating synthetic maca and selling it as real maca. You should always stay clear of fake food. It is just not meant for your body. Synthetic maca can not possibly be of any benefit to your health.

The Chinese also grow maca, but China is one of the most polluted countries in the world. The Chinese own Ministry of Environment states that 19.4 % of the arable land is contaminated. 82.8 % percent of Chinese food products exceed heavy metal limits. 60% of the groundwater in China is undrinkable.

Chinese are also into GMOs. Peru does not allow GMOs in their country. So you really want Peruvian maca, and preferably from the Junin Provence.



Where can you buy Maca?

You can find it at health food stores, but the easiest way is right here… online. You don’t have to put a mask on and drive to the store. Just click away on one of the featured products, right below, and they will bring it right to your doorstep. Don’t you love the modern world!




The Maca Team




The Maca Team is a family run business located near the Great Smokey Mountains in Tennessee. They only choose the best organically grown maca. They have developed ongoing relationships with local farmers in the ancestral home of maca… the Junin Provence of Peru.

The farmers who work with the Maca Team use traditional farming methods. After harvesting maca, they let the land rest for ten long years in between crops. Most products are delivered into the hands of consumers within 3 to 4 months after being produced.

The Maca Team is meticulous in preserving the potency of their maca. They use a foil-lined double-sealed opaque bag for powdered maca, safely sealed amber jars for all capsules, and amber jars for extracts. Why go to all this trouble? This keeps sunlight, oxygen, and humidity from stealing away all of maca’s potency and ensuring maximum efficiency.

The Maca Team rigorously tests their maca. Each of their products must pass a strict certificate of analysis. Then their products undergo additional testing to confirm the absence of any pesticides or heavy metals.

The Maca Team is generous with its farmers by paying above-market prices for maca. The Maca Team works on smaller margins to keep the price fair for consumers.


The Maca Team state that they offer the most complete and transparent information online. Their articles on maca are based on scientific research whenever possible. They continually work to maintain an accurate and up to date website.

The Maca Team believes in

  • assuring product freshness and high quality
  • using non-GMO products
  • offering only organic
  • fair trade practices
  • fast shipping
  • fair prices
  • friendly and prompt service
  • exceptional support in answering any questions


The Maca Team is always looking for unique ways to bring maca into your home. This can be anything from recipes to new product mixes to sponsorships of athletes. They are open to any feedback to enable them to serve the public better.

The Maca Team offers a wide variety of Maca. They have Powders, capsules, and extracts. They offer red maca, black maca, yellow maca, and a tricolor maca. There are recipes and many healthy tips concerning maca.





Zen Spirit Maca Powder Organic



Zen Spirit focuses on reaching out directly to their farmers. They seek out choice products and use exclusive farms that are located on the best lands and countries for each specific superfood offered at Zen Spirit.

Zen Spirit uses 100% Premium Peruvian Maca Root Powder which is certified USDA Organic. Their maca is harvested from Junin, Peru between 2700 to 4300 meters above sea level. Far from any pollution or contamination.

Price $11.99

Size 8 ounces

Guarantee 100% money-back guarantee

Navitas Organics Maca Powder


Way back in 2003, curiosity about ancient cultures and their relationship with food, drove Nativas’ founder, Zach Adelman, to the high altitudes of the Peruvian Andes. He developed a relationship with a small farming coop and brought Maca to North America. Maca was their first product, since then, they have included other superfoods to their line-up.

Nativas selects some of the finest maca root available and cultivates it using traditional farming methods. It is dried at low temperatures and gently milled to retain its vital nutrients. Nativa’s Maca powder is organic, non-GMO, dried at low temperatures, and gluten-free.

Price $16.97

Size 16 ounces




NaturalLife Labs


NaturalLife Labs is dedicated to delivering high-quality products to your doorstep. They uphold their products to the highest standards and exceed the expectations of the FDA. They use proven science to validate their herbs and minerals.

Their high potency formula is 100% natural, verified organic, non-GMO, and vegan. Their unique maca formulation is easily absorbable and gets maximum results while going easy on your stomach.


Price $17.94

Quantity 150 capsule (in powdered form


Testing NaturalLife Labs devote time and energy to ensure product safety. They make sure their products are of superior quality. They are meticulously tested for solvent residuals, heavy metals, pesticides, and toxins.

Supplier Audit. Products from their suppliers are put to a very thorough auditing process to ensure that the products meet their high standards.

Manufacturing Process. NaturalLife Labs analyze samples every 20 minutes, and visually inspect every bottle at the end of the production line.

3rd Party Testing. On top of all that… they send out samples to independent labs to test the products again. This to ensure the purity and potency, and to make sure the products are safe. They also want to verify that the amounts of the ingredients match the product label.

Sunfood Raw Organic Maca Powder

Sunfood Superfoods is all about quality. They seek out food that is the cream of the crop from some of the best farmers around the globe. Each batch has to meet their high standards of excellence.

Great effort has been put forth in its packaging facility to ensure that its food remains fresher for longer periods of time. They do not use basic plastic pouches in their packaging. Their pouches include a barrier that is 100% UV, moisture, and oxygen-proof. This keeps the superfoods from rapid oxidation and will keep the products fresh and tasty for longer periods of time.

Sunfood Superfoods takes great care in their relationships with their farming community. The farmers benefit financially as they grow, and the local communities benefit as well. Their Chief Operations Officer stays in touch with the partner farms and visits them regularly. To witness the local areas in person enables Sunfood to keep its mission in perspective.

Sunfood takes pride in educating the consumer in matters concerning their health and well-being. They load their company website with information about superfoods. They seek to enrich the lives of people through natural health alternatives.

Price $12.69

Quantity 8 ounces

Final Thoughts

Maca is a valuable source of protein. It contains numerous vitamins and minerals with some in generous amounts. 20 amino acids are also present, and it also contains plant sterols, tannins, saponins, terpenoids, and fiber. Maca is a great coffee substitute. Try some when you get up in the morning.

Balancing hormones get more and more important as you age. Maca is good to have around the house as you race towards your golden years… or your 40s… It is a wonderful aphrodisiac and good for prostate health. There is no reason to feel blue when you can elevate your mood naturally. Maca may also reduce diastolic blood pressure and can fight free radicals.

Research is still in its early stages, so more will be revealed. Keep in mind… the Peruvians have valued Maca since the days of the Roman Empire... there must be the reason for that. So, if you are looking to improve your health in the ways listed in this post, It won’t break your bank to try some maca root today

To your Health

Many Blessings, Brian


I am making no claims that maca will cure any condition.  It is food. Food is able to help the body in many ways by offering your body nutrition.  Proper nutrition has the ability to turn back cellular damage in many people.  Everyone’s body reacts differently to natural foods, as it also does when given medication by doctors.  There is a whole lot more going on behind the scenes, that we as people, can not possibly know.


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  1. Thanks so much for sharing such great information about MACA. I never heard of MACA before and greatly appreciate all the time you must have spent gathering all of this information in one place. I especially like that you included the different benefits from the different color MACA. I look forward to reading more of your articles!

    1. Thanks for reading Denise. It is my objective to be thorough in my research and try to answer any questions someone may be asking in their head. So many blogs just brush over on a topic and not really inspiring me with their post. There are some good blogs out there who provide a lot of info and it is what I am creating in my own blog. I have included maca in my daily regimen of whole food supplements. It has been good so far. Thanks for reading.

  2. I know there are forgeries out there and every time I am amazed when I discover this is actually true. I am referring to your paragraph about synthetic Maca. Unbelievable. But thank you for the warning, it set me on alert – which is always good 🙂
    I use Maca in powder form in my smoothies. And thank goodness I don’t buy that from the wrong source. 🙂
    Thanks for all your information. I didn’t know there were differences in color for example, and I love learning new things.

    1. I didn’t know about the color differences either until I did my research. I have been using the yellow maca for awhile. I know have the red and black maca, but I have not opened the bags yet. I still am finishing off the yellow.

  3. This is a beautifully written article and you deserve full marks for it.

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  4. Hello Brian. The article you have done on the MACA and its varieties is just great. I am a strong believer that nature has given us plants and herbs that will help with pretty much any ailment, disease or just staying healthy.
    My father uses black MACA powder daily – he is diabetic and has experienced great results incorporating it into his daily regime.
    Thank you the valuable information ! You explained it all in great detail

    1. Thanks. That is good to hear concerning black maca and diabetes. I will try the black in a few days when I finish the yellow maca.

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