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Have you heard the latest news? Doctors are beginning to crack the code to regenerative medicine. They have developed a new embryonic stem cell type from several different species. Kinda sounds like Dr. Frankenstein. But that is an entirely different source of stem cells. So, you may wonder… what is STEM CELL NUTRITION? and… are there any Stem Cell Supplements that work? Before I answer those questions, I’ll do a quick overview of what stem cells are.





I am sure you have heard about stem cell research in the news… unless you have been living under a rock. Do you remember Christopher Reeves (Superman)?  He fell off a horse and became severely paralyzed.

He championed his way through the rest of his life campaigning heavily for stem cell research. It’s a shame the research never advanced far enough to help him recover.  But the day will come when spinal cord injuries can be mended.

Even though spinal damage can’t be cured yet, Stem cells can help you now. What you may not realize, your body releases adult stem cells all the time. The problem is… as you AGE your body releases less and less stem cells.

Stem cells originate from your bone marrow. They can also be found in smaller numbers in many organs and tissues but not all. The amazing thing is these adult stem cells have the ability to become any type of cell. It can become a heart cell, a liver cell… whatever type of cell is needed at any certain time These cells convert and head right on over to problem areas of the body, or just to replenish older cells. They can help repair damaged organs in time of need.

Adult stem cells are your body’s natural renewal system. Some scientists believe increasing the number of stem cells in your body is the best thing you can do to achieve optimal health. It was first believed adult stem cells could only create like cells; however, new evidence points toward adult stem cells as having the ability to become any kind of cell.

Most of the breaking news you hear about stem cells is concerned with embryonic stem cells. These are from embryos that are from three to five days old. These types of stem cells are the most useful for repairing bodily tissue. You have to go through a physician, and he (or she) will have to determine if stem cell therapy is a good fit for you. I Bet it costs a lot of dough too.





Embryonic stem cells are farmed from brand spanking new embryos. Women’s eggs are fertilized will sperm via Vitro fertilization.  Questions arise concerning the ETHICS involving embryonic stem cell research.

The National Institute of Health (NIH)  put forth strict protocols for human stem cell research back in 2009. These guidelines set forth the rules defining embryonic stem cells and how they can be used for research purposes.

There has been an uproar concerning Planned Parenthood and aborted babies with ties to stem cell research. This is a rather messy political topic. Scientists are just searching for research material while others see it as a violation of human rights. Stem cell nutrition is from plant sources, so you can guarantee it is not involved with this sticky situation.






Your cells become less effective as you age. The human body has something called telomeres. These are essential parts of human cells that determine how we age. These precious telomeres begin to shorten over time. Eventually leading to the death of the cell.

Some cells succumb to disease while others are ravaged by trauma or disastrous environmental conditions(free radicals). This means your body as well as mine will cease to function optimally… unless we find a way to nourish our cells and combat free radical damage.

As the body begins to wear down with age, you will become less active and cease to enjoy the same activities as you once did. But you can hold back FATHER TIME for a little while longer by providing your body with proper nutrition and special gifts from nature to keep you active. I am 58 and my flexibility is still improving. I am still active in karate and yoga. I am no spring chicken, but I am far from giving up the game. I have been using stem cell nutrition for years.

Sick or damaged cells have the ability to send a signal out for help. Stem cells exit your bone marrow and hop on in your bloodstream and head out to these problem areas. They have the ability to transform into any needed cell.




Stem cells can potentially be grown to become new tissue for use in regenerative medicine or transplants. Research is ongoing and advancements occur nearly every year.  For significant problems, you must really on the power of modern medicine regarding these therapies. The following medical issues are being addressed with stem cell therapy.

  • spinal cord injuries
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Type 1 diabetes
  • cancer
  • burns
  • strokes
  • heart attacks
  • ALS
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • osteoarthritis


Researchers have developed methods for stem cells to become specific kinds of cells. For example, skin cells for burn victims. Growth rates are not always easy to control. This is still a work in process.

Embryonic stem cells may also provoke an immune response. The patient’s own body may respond with a counter-attack. It assumes foreign invaders are here to cause the body harm and set out to annihilate the new cells injected into the body. This also happens in transplanting organs. The body usually accepts the new cells or organs but occasionally it does not. This is something to be aware of when opting for stem cell therapy or organ transplants for that matter.

Successful stem cell transplants happen all the time. Doctors infuse healthy stem cells directly into the patient’s bone marrow. Cells damaged during chemotherapy or life-threatening diseases can be replaced with stem cells. It can also be used to build up immunity to fight off cancer. These types of transplants use adult stem cells or umbilical cord blood.





Introducing Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPS)! Scientists are starting to unlock the code of regeneration without relying on embryonic stem cells. They have taken skin or normal blood cells and reprogrammed those cells back into the embryonic pluripotent state.

This allows them to develop into any type of human cell to help mend a particular area of need in a sickened or injured body. This research is still in the earliest stages but holds promise. There is hope for diabetics in replacing or regenerating beta cells.

Beta cells are dysfunctional or destroyed in type 1 Diabetics. The beta cells are not producing enough insulin for type II diabetics. Diabetes is exploding in western society due to our customary diet.  I Can’t stress how important such therapies can change the course of medicine.

iPSs can be used for any type of cell (just like any other stem cell; however,  you don’t have an ethics tag associated with it. This kind of therapy is paramount for severe cases of disease and damaged cells.  But you don’t have to wait around or pay a lot of MOOLAH when you can find an easier and cheaper alternative to boost millions of adult stem cells. This is done by providing your body with the right nutrients.



Stem cell nutrition’s main contribution is to help your body’s own renewal system… to help release more adult cells into your system. The human body contains anywhere from 50 million to 200,000 million STEM CELLS in your bone marrow. Feeding your body certain nutritional components is like providing the right code to unlock the vault so you can release these life-saving cells into your bloodstream. The cells divide inside your marrow and send the other half into your bloodstream to do its work.

Have you ever noticed that the younger you are the faster you recover from injuries or how quickly you recover from the flu?  This is probably because you had an ample amount of adult stem cells circulating throughout your body. They made us feel so alive, daring, and unstoppable in our youth.

By the time you hit sixty, you will more than likely have 90% fewer stem cells traversing through your bloodstream to save the day. It makes sense that with a trifle of these puppies around that you will more easily succumb to the forces of nature. This will lead to a breakdown of tissues, joints, muscles, and precious bodily organs.

One way to avoid hyper-expensive medical costs down the road is to supplement with stem cell nutrition. It works. It is easy to do… just open your mouth and swallow a tablet. It is relatively inexpensive and helps keep your body’s own natural renewal system in high gear.

I know most of us don’t think much about preventative medicine, but think about our aging loved ones. They want you to be around for a while… and you feel the same way about them.

Don’t they deserve to live healthier and more productive lives? I know, this sounds too simple. The potential benefits are amazing for sure. It’s not rocket science. The same concept applies to providing your body with antioxidants to help build your immunity. You just need to feed your body certain key ingredients so they can do their magic.

Below I have included several awesome sources of Stem Cell Nutrition. I have been using JDI Life’s stem cell products for at least 8 years. I am still active in martial arts at the age of 58.  I believe stem cell nutrition has played a big part in helping me recover fast from injury and from the wear and tear of working out.

I have not suffered from sinus infections as I did before using stem cell nutrition. I seldom feel sick at all and get over it quickly if I start to feel a little off.

I am compensated as an affiliate of both JDI International and American Dream Nutrition. Both of these companies offering outstanding products and place a high standard of ethics upon themselves. They make sure the prices are affordable for the average consumer.






JDI is a division of Emergent Health Corporation. They are a publically traded company in operation since 2006. JDI has patents and proprietary rights on multiple products. They keep a watchful eye for the latest developments in science in regards to stem cell nutrition and various other health concerns plaguing the human population in today’s world.

They only use top-notch ingredients so that you can reach a state of optimal health and wellness. 

JDI Life keeps its costs down with a referral marketing platform. This is a simple network marketing approach the pays generous commissions to distributors for spreading the word about their awesome products. A simple google search will bring up numerous stem cell nutrition products selling for over $100 a bottle.

If you sign up as an associate, you can get started with stem cell nutrition for as low as $30 a month. This would require an auto-ship. But don’t worry, if you are not completely satisfied they offer the standard 30-day money-back guarantee. They are very responsive to email (the founder Dr. John Capello usually responds quickly when I have a question).

This is a very ethical down to Earth company that cares about its consumers and team members. Down below I have listed 3 stem cell nutrition products that they offer. I have used all three at one point in time. I am currently using the Multivitamin with Stem cell nutrition. Happy shopping.







Vita-stim offers so much more than the familiar store-bought vitamin supplements. They have considered the whole food aspect when designing Vita-stim. Included in the formula are special water-soluble extracts for better absorption into your body. Most supplements just pass right on through your digestive tract with very little benefit.

Vita-stim contains 18 essential amino acids. These are your body’s natural building blocks. You can’t synthesis protein without them.

It also contains all of the major minerals and 50+ trace minerals. It also includes 12 vitamins that help with the assimilation of the product.  It contains key unsaturated fats as well as anti-oxidants

All these ingredients when combined together are designed to let your body do what it does best… heal and repair its self. You just need to feed your body the right combination of ingredients from whole food.

The PRIME ingredient in Vita-stim is Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (also known as AFA). This is a special blue-green alga found in the pristine waters of Klamath Lake in Southern Oregon. Blue-green algae have demonstrated the ability to release your own adult stem cells from your bone marrow. It also contains Spirulina (well-known algae commonly found in health food stores). And… it contains Phenylethylamine (PEA). PEA acts as a neurotransmitter and is excellent for mood elevation

Vita-Stim™ Stem Cell Nutrition is all-natural and patented. It contains 750 mg of active ingredients per capsule. One study has demonstrated AFA promoting the release of over 2 billion stem cells. The patent reveals the constitution of the AFA components.

The greater the number of stem cells we have circulating in our bodies… the faster organs can be repaired. Our overall health depends on having these vital cells available. As we age our body is producing less and less of these cells. It is as simple as providing the right combination of nutrients to jump-start your self-renewal system.

The number of stem cells that will circulate in the body may vary with individuals. Results depend on numerous variables like the health and age of the individual. or the quantities consumed.

Vita-Stim is nutrition. It is not a DRUG! It contains no toxins nor anything synthetic. It is an exclusive natural food supplement that may help support your body’s own natural renewal system.

Vita-stim is backed by a 100% satisfaction GUARANTEE.  If you don’t feel or notice any results, you have 30 days to get a complete refund… no questions asked.


Scientific Sources are available on the product link below








NeuStem™ Cell Helper is an extraordinary patent-pending NEW approach for boosting stem cell production. It adds more nutrient components to the mix as well as immune system support.

NeuStem has numerous factors that make it different than JDI Life’s other stem cell products. There is more Phycocyanin added to Neustem. Phycocyanin is a water-soluble compound found in algae. It is known as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-allergic. It is wonderful for asthma.

There is also more chlorophyll. Yes, this is what gives plants their green color, but did you know that it is good for red blood cell production? AND… NeuStem also contains more AMINO ACIDS!

NeuStem contains BETA GLUCAN. This is a soluble fiber that is known for improving cholesterol and it helps improve your cardiovascular system. Beta Glucan can also help…

  • stimulate the production of MACROPHAGES. These are specialized cells that search and destroy harmful bacteria and other noxious bodily pests. These also help take out tumor cells.
  • It has been shown to enhance the digestion of pathogenic microorganisms. Basically… cell eating. Taking out the bad guys.
  • may enhance your immune system response by boosting macrophage production.
  • It may also protect you from the common cold

Fulvic acid is another important addition. Fulvic minerals are one of the most complex natural substances on our planet. They are composed of prehistoric plant matter. They are loaded with plant phytochemicals.  Added vitamin C enables the end-user to respond better to the circulating stem cells.

Vitamin D is hard to come by if you don’t consume meat and dairy. You can’t always depend on sunshine either in my part of the world. So vitamin deficiency is a thing. This is well documented in many human populations. Vitamin D has been know to heighten stem cell mobilization.

NeuStem contains Phenylethylamine (PEA). This can help cells divide and develop into new stem cells. It is awesome for mood management.  I can vouch for that.

Trimethylglycine has been added to the formula. It is an amino acid commonly found in plants like choline or sugar beets. It is helpful for activities involving cellular reproduction and chemical processes that happen in the body. It helps the dispersion and digestibility of the components.

Aphanizomenon flos aquae (AFA) is well known for having the ability to boost human stem cell production. This special algae comes from a lake in Oregan. The other ingredients help amp up the effect of AFA.

As it has been stated previously in this post, the more adult stem cells you have traversing through your bloodstream, the quicker your organs and tissues may be repaired. Stem cell production declines naturally with age, so if you want to remain as vibrant as possible when you get up there in years, STEM CELL NUTRITION is an inexpensive and easy choice (compared to stem cell therapy).

Results will depend on variables. Everyone reacts differently to supplementation. The body can be fickle. Some people will be able to respond better than others. Factors such as age and health come into play.

NeuStem Cell Helper is not medicine. It is a natural food supplement devoid of any toxins or synthetics. It has been designed to support your body’s natural renewal system


Neustem – English from JDI Life on Vimeo.




Scientific Sources are available on the product link below









JDI LIFE has offered its multivitamin with stem cell nutrition for years. They have upgraded their formula within the last few years and have added NeuStem to the mix (look above for more detailed information on NeuStem). A serving of JDI Multi (2 caplets) contains the equivalent of 1 NeuStem capsule.


Vitamin deficiencies aren’t as common in the Western world as in lesser industrialized nations. However, our soils are being overused due to aggressive farming methods. Essential nutrients and micronutrients are being leached from our soils during this process.

Take vitamin B-12 for instance. This wonderful vitamin helps keep the body’s nerve and blood cells healthy. It also helps make DNA. If you are on a plant-based diet, it is difficult to get your daily recommendation of B12. In FACT… if you are a meat lover, you are probably not getting enough B12 these days.

Even though people get B12 from eating animals, for instance, cows and lambs.  Animals do not produce their own B12. They get B12 from soil microbes. Since the soil is often depleted of these microbes due to farming, you can’t rely on these sources for B12. You need about 2.4 micrograms a day. JDI Multi has 9 micrograms. Nutritional yeast also contains a healthy dose of B12.

You will also find plenty of Vitamin D3 in the multi. This is another hard to come by vitamin for some people. If you have the ability to get out in the sun every day. then you’re good. You can also get it from liver, egg yolks, and fish. Milk doesn’t contain vitamin D. It has to be fortified.

Vitamin D3 is essential for strong bones. When you are deficient in vitamin D, it draws calcium out of your bones. Vitamin D is also good for heart health, the immune system, and it helps balance your mood.

Now, if you eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, you can meet most of your daily requirements for vitamins and minerals. How would you know? You can use a cool website tool called a chonometer. There is a free version that is excellent for tracking your daily food intake. I use it daily to make sure I don’t overdo my fats and proteins (I’m diabetic).

I also take JDI Multi to ensure I get all of my daily vitamins and minerals with stem cell nutrition. Below you will find the ingredients in the multi. Click on the link for research and references.














AMERICAN DREAM NUTRITION has over 2 decades of experience providing world-class nutritional products. They are a direct marketing company offering multi-levels of compensation for their independent representatives. They offer exclusive products that enhance people’s health while keeping them affordable for the average consumer.

American Dream is passionate about helping people with their health and financial situation. They are founded on integrity, principles, and values. They are committed to providing the best quality products in the marketplace. They are also adamant about their “we care about you” customer service policy.

Manufacturing… ADN has joined forces with several prominent doctors, biochemists, formulators, and manufacturers bringing together decades of top-level experience to produce the product line. Their manufacturing facilities are registered with the FDA and comply with strict guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practices (GPM).

They use some of the largest manufacturers in the world and can produce millions of bottles of product per month without breaking a sweat. All products are produced in the United States.

Quality Control… Their facilities are fully capable to administer microbiological testing, PH testing, moisture percentage testing, and Brix testing. This is to ensure that they provide the absolute highest quality products available.

Product Line… They have an ongoing commitment to using the most choice ingredients, for having extensive research, and formulas based on science. They utilize the most up-to-date and effective science and technology to ensure the potency to enhance your health and wellness.

Leadership and Advisory Board Team… Their innovative team brings decades of experience in health, wellness, nutrition, and marketing to the table.

American Dream is all about Transforming Lives… by bringing you ultra-premium product backed by science, by giving back generously and maintaining a charitable commitment, and generously paying out the people on their team to make this happen. They are dedicated to helping people become happier and healthier.






Is FATHER TIME catching up to you?

  • Do you feel dogged tired by the end of the day and ready for nap time?
  • Are you less ENERGETIC?
  • Is Back Pain, Neck Pain or Joint Pain ruining your day?
  • How about your Knees and Shoulders?
  • Is your VISION going downhill?
  • Are you upset about your TURKEY NECK or the wrinkles under your eyes?

Yes, these are a few of the symptoms that many of us begin to experience usually starting in middle age. What if there was a solution. A way to fight back the effects of aging. The solution can be as easy as supplying your body with the right amount and kinds of nutrients to amp up your body’s own renewal system.

You have Millions of stem cells waiting to come out to “play”. It is a known scientific fact that your body’s stem cell production declines as you age.  The adult stem cells are still there. You just need to get them to split off into new cells.

You have seen all the hoopla about stem cell research. There is a reason Hollywood elites spend the big bucks on stem cell therapy. Most of us don’t want to age. We still look out at the world with youthful eyes… and then you look into the mirror and say who is that?

So if you want your shot at feeling youthful again, just imagine replacing old worn-out cells and having new cells move on in and help revitalize whatever organs or joints that need rejuvenating. There is intelligent communication happening at the cellular level. Cells talk to one another. Your body has the innate ability to heal itself when you supply it with what it needs.

Stem cells are one of the HOTTEST TOPICS in medicine today. The National Institute of Health has provided 1.5 billion bucks for research. Here is a list of major medical centers that are currently studying STEM CELLS.

  • Georgetown University
  • Harvard Stem Cell Institute
  • John Hopkins University
  • Yale Stem Cell Center
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • University of Michigan
  • Stanford University


Over 50 professional athletes have used stem cell therapy. The affluent and Hollywood stars are spending upwards of over $100,000 for stem cell therapy. It is a BIG BUSINESS.

Want some good news? The rest of us need not spend a fortune on stem cell therapy


Research links at the bottom of the post.





What’s in Stem Cell Release Factor?

Sea-buckthorn berries    Sea buckthorn is a shrub native to China and parts of Europe. It is loaded with medicinal compounds and is abundant in vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and amino acids. Medicines are made out of the leaves, flowers, and berries from this plant.

Clinicians took a hard look at endothelial stem cells. These are found in bone marrow. They were also on the lookout for protein markers from white blood cells. When these markers are present, you can tell the stem cells are in the process of repairing or doing maintenance in the body.

The focus of this study was an evaluation of proanthocyanidin-rich extract of sea-buckthorn berry and how it interacts with various types of adult stem cells within the blood of healthy people.

All the test subjects were given the extract or a placebo. After an allotted time they were given blood tests.  The results of the study… researchers discovered that sea-buckthorn extract supported the mobilization of stem cells and increased the number of stem cells circulating in the blood. Thus, sea-buckthorn has demonstrated its ability to boost your body’s own self-renewal system.


This chart shows you a timeline for what happens after consuming sea-buckthorn berries.

AFA Extract (Aphanizomenon Flos-aquae concentrate 5 to 1)  This a blue-green algae species that is harvested from Upper Klamath Lake which is located in Southern Oregon just below the world-famous Crater Lake. AFA extracts have exhibited the ability to stimulate the migration of stem cells.

As an added bonus, It also helps activate your body’s natural killer cells. These are cells that help protect your other cells from invaders. This supercharges your immune system. My immune health has been rock solid since taking stem cell nutrition and additional AFA products from Klamath Lake.

Fucoidan 80% (Undaria pinnatifida extract)  This is an extract from brown seaweed. It possesses antioxidant, anti-cancer, and anticoagulant properties. It has also demonstrated the ability to slow down blood clotting. Lab studies have suggests it can curtail the growth of cancerous cells.

Fucoidan helps protect mesenchymal stem cells against free radical damage (oxidative stress)… See the study below. Mesenchymal stem cells are known as the other bone marrow stem cells. They can make new cells for your skeletal system.

Piperine   This is an extract from the fruit of common black pepper and Long pepper (aka Indian Long Pepper which is a hotter relative of black pepper). It helps increase nutrient absorption. (up to 300%)

Long Pepper










These are exciting times in which we live. Information and technology have come a long way.  Are there impediments? For sure. There is a lot of vital life-saving information that is being suppressed or pushed to the back page so-to-speak. We could improve the health of the world’s population with food alone! Western diets are unhealthy.

Supplying your body with the right nutrients is not the complete answer for optimal health. If people would stop eating foods that are putting them into dire straights, there wouldn’t be a global health crisis.

Stem cell nutrition is a great way to rebalance your health, but you got to work with it. Consider spending time to find out what foods to eat to prevent all the horrible human maladies. I suggest reading “The China Study”. If you care about your health, you should consider this. Thanks for reading.

Many blessings, Brian.




All information contained on this website, including information related to medical matters, health issues, treatments, and products, serves only for informational purposes. It is not intended to replace the advice of your own doctor or specialist.

The information on this website is not intended to diagnose health problems or prescribe medications.



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  1. I found this article really interesting as I’ve heard of stem cell therapy and some of the amazing things it can do. However, I’ve never heard of stem cell therapy based on plants. I suffered a stroke 6 years ago which left me with partial use of my left hand. Though I was lucky my stroke was fairly mild, it would certainly be a miracle if those dead cells could be rejuvenated. I eat a healthy vegetarian diet, and also take a liquid multi-vitamin supplement, but the stem cell nutrition supplements you recommend sound amazing. JDI MULTI with NEUSTEM sounds especially good, and the price is very reasonable. I pay about the same for the one I’m taking at the moment. I take a statin, blood pressure tablet, and blood thinner, but I’m sure it wouldn’t affect them. Thanks for sharing:)

    1. Thanks for reading Kathy. I eat a completely whole-food plant-based diet and my blood pressure has normalized You can also get stem cell nutrition from blue-green algae from Klamath Lake. It also activates NK cells (natural killer cells) which are wonderful for your immune system.

      I have just recently started taking the supplement with sea buckthorn berry and AFA (blue-green algae). I never get sick anymore. I am a big believer in eating the right kind of nutrition for optimal health (and more importantly not eating things that damage health. Check out the Forks over knives documentary on Netflix.

      Thanks for reading, many blessings… Brian

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